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Ayurvedic Didactic Agriculture

The Institute of Indo-Vedic Studies (Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta APS) and the Fondazione Studi Bhaktivedanta ETS present the “Govardhan Italia” project, realized by the ADAyur (Didactic Agriculture Inspired by Ayurveda) Academic Department.

Why ADAyur

ADAyur aims to provide skills and experiences to all those who wish to learn how to nourish and cultivate the soil, inspired by the Ayurvedic Science of Bio-Psycho-Spiritual Health, to better help people re-establish that substantial relationship uniting us to Mother Earth with a feeling of creative and joyful gratitude.

Every project is born from a vision of the world. For us the world has a purpose, a meaning: it is a springboard to the ideal world, where life is immortal.

In this world we have experiences to practice all those good qualities we would like to see here around us, preparing ourselves to live in the world we would like to go to.

"Our vision contemplates life continuing beyond bodily death, and we must leave this world better than we found it, for the benefit of the generations that will follow us."

ADAyur - Didactic Agriculture inspired by Ayurvedic Tradition

Govardhan, a place that promotes healing, where food is grown following principles that respect the environment and health, fostering a lifestyle that enables to become better people, free from conditioning and fear of death.

Generally, people are familiar with spices, oils, Ayurvedic Massages, Pancakarma and other practices to keep fit, but there is also a healthy and tasty Ayurvedic Cuisine, and an Ayurvedic, Ecological and Sustainable Way of Farming that we develop and teach through the realization of this project.
All that is needed for Ayurvedic Practices, including Ayurvedic Cooking, we must be able to produce not only for ourselves, but also teaching others willing to learn to do the same. This is our purpose.

A project with

deep roots

The vitality of this new rural academic branch comes from the synergy with all other Departments of the Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta's project, which remains the trunk and roots from which it draws sap.

The purpose of ADAyur is to progressively realize an emotional, spiritual, food and energy self-sufficiency project, in an educational farm centered on Ayurvedic Science and Bhakti Yoga, located in Italy to host people from all over the world.

A project to contribute to the bio-psycho-spiritual balance of the planet to regenerate mental and environmental ecology and bio-economic sustainibility.

Thanks to the generosity of many, we are offering this project to Shrila Prabhupada, to whose teachings we are dedicating our lives.

“Any fresh food will be rich in vitamins. Therefore, do cultivate and eat fresh things.”
Shrila Prabhupada
Paris, 3 August 1976

Our current projects

🌱 Not only permaculture

Taking care of the growing medium, naturally enriching it with the necessary substances to ensure an improved continuity of the production cycle.

🌱 Ancient Cultivars

Selecting crops that are well adapted to the territory, more resistant and less in need of care. In horticulture, the name "culivar" is used to indicate the agricultural varieties of a botanical species.

🌱 Ayurveda

Cutlivating the basic ingredients of the Ayurvedic Tradition, spices, various types of dal, oils for treatments... and much more!

🌱 Renaturalization

Renaturalization of those areas of land to be mantained for the harmony and aesthetics of the place, as well as for the functions of local living organisms.

🌱 Composting

A composting area for self-producing compost, naturally helped by vermiculture process and other techniques capable of giving vital mineral nutrients to aid and sustain plant growth.

🌱 Seedbad and Nursery

They are necessary to cultivate seedlings independently, having a place where to process raw materials for the production of flours, oil, dried fruits, oat flakes, jams, etc. and to store cereals, legumes and equipments like dryers, etc.

✨ Farmhouse

This area is dedicated to accommodate short- to medium-term guests. It is primarily reserved for students enrolled in the educational program in Ayurveda Science and guests engaged in specific activities for site care or during the planting and harvesting seasons.

✨ End of life

Reserved spaces to accommodate short- to medium-term guests, people who seek the meaning of existence through contemplation and care of the earth to prepare themselves for the end of their life.

✨ Spirituality

Spaces reserved for sacred worship, spiritual practices and to develop knowledge based on the teachings of the Vaishnava Tradition.

To reduce environmental impact.

In the last 5 years, the pollution rate has increased by 8%. Each hectare of olive groves removes 9.5 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every year, i.e. about 730 kg of CO2 per year per olive tree. In Govardhan we have about 400 olive trees, so every year 292 tonnes of CO2 are absorbed thanks to their protection.

“The olive tree has the most powerful capacity to absorb and fix CO2 (carbon dioxide), which makes it the best tool to fight climate change.”
Juan Vilar

A feasibility plan has been developed for the purchase and start-up of the project and the preparation of the staff who will take care of the place.

All this involves the irreplaceable financial support of all those who wish to help us. 

Do you also wish to be part of our project?

If you are inspired by this initiative, please support us.

Discover Govardhan through some pictures:

A place where to search and find oneself, in order to re-enter the world with a deeper self-knowledge aware about the most important purpose of human life: spiritual realization.


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